The Lázár Equestrian Park is a 9-hectare area, located 35 km from Budapest, in a picturesque nature reserve in Domonyvölgy. For families with children it is a great place for an excursion, for companies it is a place for team building or a family day, for young couples it is a wonderful place for a wedding.
In 2021, we renovated our Tornácos tavern,-today Equestrian room- where we offer an unlimited buffet lunch at noon at pre-announced times. On weekdays, you can book online for our horse show programme in the afternoon. In addition to tasting our rich, home-style dishes, we offer a colourful programme for children and adults.
Our museum Lazareum will present the history of Hungarian equestrian sport and the career of the Lázár brothers with spectacular films and an exhibition.
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Darázs György
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