The Old Tanyacsárda is situated 71 km far from Budapest. It is welcoming their guests more than 50 years near the small-town, Lajosmizse on the Great Hungarian Plain. The excellent, Hungarian style kitchen of the Tanyacsárda has deserved rightly the title of “The best restaurant of the Region” and in addition to this the company has won several international awards on gastronomic competitions and exhibitions (Protectorate table (Védnöki tábla), Golden bull (Aranybika), Chevalier - Maison de Qulite, Chaine des Rotisseurs, the member of the Top 10). In 2005 the catering line of business has chosen Tanyacsárda Restaurant among the best restaurants of Hungary and has awarded with the maximum three stars. In 2007, 2011, 2015 and in 2019 Tanyacsárda has received the Hungarian Tourism Quality Award and The Rosemary Award from the Hungarian Tourism Agency (Magyar Turisztikai Ügynökség) and it has won “the host of the year”, which was founded by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Bács-Kiskun County.

In addition to the specialties of the master chefs – already becoming traditional- here the guests are looked forward to series of gastronomical events. These programmes are attached to holidays and celebrated days. The guests are invited to gastronomical deliciousness, which are completed with programmes (horse-show, ox-grilling, Puszta Olympic Games): there will be organised the “Sobri” Fish Days, the grape harvest, the pig-killing on Andrew’s day and some other programmes, where the lover of culinary deliciousness will certainly find their hope.

The New Tanyacsárda is in the service of the guests more than 30 years. It can be found 63 km far from Budapest on a 50 hectares area. The visitors can choose in addition to the famous Hungarian tastes among traditional programmes, too: Hungarian folklore programme and the spectacular dance theatre production – folk show - are interesting sights for both of the domestic and foreign guests. Here it is possible to travel by nostalgia locomotive; to grill ox, pork and chicken on the spit; country wedding with folklore programmes and you can take part in a real traditional Hungarian goulash party.

The stable of our horse ranch consists of 110 horses: here can be found the Hungarian sport halfbred and the Lipizaner. This horse ranch also holds a lot of possibilities: horse riding, horse-show, horse-show at night with the dance of witches at the camp-fire, riding by horse-drawn carriages in the Puszta can do the programmes of the families and groups colourful here. At the New Tanyacsárda guests can get to know the indigenous Hungarian animals, too: there can be seen grey cattles, racka sheeps, donkeys and on the poultry yard turkeys, ducks, guinea fowls.

In the 4-sunflower-Guesthouse and in the newer Blockhouse in the territory of the New Tanyacsárda more guestrooms equipped with bathroom are at the guests’ disposal in case of reservation in advance.
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