We offer our tourism courses in a unique financial, economic and social environment at the Széchenyi István University at the Kautz Gyula Economics Faculty in Győr near Vienna and Bratislava. The higher professional trainings and the bachelor degree tourism courses of our Faculty are an integral part of the economic profile of the Széchenyi István University. As part of the educational structure we offer intermediate level professional trainings in hospitality, higher level professional trainings in tourism and bachelor courses of vocational instruction in business specialising in catering (BSc/MSc). The Tourism Department of the Széchenyi István University, Kautz Gyula Economics Faculty awaits students interested in this field with a professional staff. Our teachers have gained or are still gaining their marketable knowledge necessary for researchers in tourism, from prestigious doctorate schools. Highly qualified teachers and trainers from the other Departments of the Faculty assist the work of the Tourism Department especially in teaching economics, mathematical subjects and foreign languages. The high quality education is guaranteed by the Tourism Department of the Faculty and the four-star hotel called Hotel Famulus. Our four-star hotel provides a unique practice opportunity for our tourism students and it is also a business and conference centre. In one wing of the hotel a high quality student hostel can be found.
Dr. Csicsmann László PhD dékán
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