Tourism and Catering BA

Duration of studies: 6 semesters plus 1 semester internship
Study mode: full time
Language of instruction: English
Qualification at the end of studies: BA in Tourism and Catering

The knowledge acquired during the studies makes you able to interpret and analyse the business environment and the regulations of business activities. The practical courses will prepare you for the application of the professional knowledge. The training gives you certain skills that makes you able to adapt yourself quickly and efficiently to unusual cultural and business environments. After this programme you’ll be able to work in special fields of the tourism industry: tourism marketing on national and regional level, short-break tourism, event tourism, health and wellness tourism. You can also follow the new trends like sustainable tourism or heritage tourism.

Career opportunities: hotels and tourism companies, management of restaurants, multinational corporations, consulting firms, etc.

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General Manager
Dr. Fábián Attila, Csányi Sándor
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