Would you like to spend some quality time in a unique, relaxing atmosphere and simply enjoy the comfort? The Szidonia Manor House built its values according to your needs.
The special design of the castle will fill you with astonishment. In order to make you feel home, we put a great emphasis on providing you the best services no matter if it’s about a romantic weekend or an important business trip.
Our rooms and apartments can be booked for single use or with an extra bed. The twin rooms are ideal to accommodate conference members.

Only 1 hour drive from Vienna, and 20 km from Sopron.
Managing Director
Bánkuty Orsolya
"Kastélyszálló-Szidónia Röjtökmuzsaj" Kft.
"Kastélyszálló-Szidónia Röjtökmuzsaj" Kft.
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